Yuri’s Night, Videos, Photos, and the Tenori-On!

So we just got back from Yuri’s Night Bay Area 2008 late last night (or should I say this morning) and the whole thing feels sort of surreal.  Owen and I are extremely lucky to have had Brick table as an installation for people to come and play with, and we were also part of a new performance interface competition sponsored by Create Digital Music.

AND WE WON!  The video you see in this post is from the final lightning round, where we had 60 seconds to out-interface the Choromatron– another very cool performance tool.  Amazingly, both the audience and judges decided that the Brick Table won their hearts as the best new music performance interface in the competition.  So Owen and I found ourselves in the van driving home, with this strange and uber-everything button controller with our hands, amazed with just how simple, cool, and elegant the tenori-on is.  We are working on getting better at it (come on people we’ve only had it for 24 hours! haha) but watch out for videos of us playing with the little beast on youtube soon.

Yuri’s night was just plain amazing.  Owen and I had the opportunity to demonstrate and talk with literally thousands of people about Brick table.  The competition is one of Owen and my proudest moments and we feel so honored and special that you all seem to like and enjoy Brick table, as we have been putting so much time and work into it.  But from all of this, probably one of the most exciting and insightful parts of the weekend was just coming to and from the table, and seeing the faces of thousands of people lit up from Brick tables’ screen…smiling…using your hands and ears to make music.

We know a lot more about our instrument than we could have ever known before Yuri’s night, from talking and seeing how people interact with it.   For those of you who were there, thank you so much!  We hope you had a great time and got a chance to play with Brick.  If you didn’t, or you couldn’t make it out to Yuri’s this year, don’t worry!  This won’t be the last of Brick… for now check out the video I just put up on youtube, and check back soon, as I will have lots of photos and even a couple more videos up for your viewing pleasures…and please, send us your personal photos!

~ by Jordan Hochenbaum on April 14, 2008.

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