First Kids To Make Music With Brick…

Kid Makes Music Using Brick Table + Weather ReportWhile browsing through flickr photos of Yuri’s Night Bay Area 2008, I came upon a few photos of some of the cutest kids in the world playing with Brick. Not only could I not stop smiling, but I started thinking about what I saw when kids played with the table and made music. While with adults there are often plenty of questions into the technology behind the table, what it is doing, how it works…etc, what I noticed with younger kids is that none of that matters all that much. They just pick up the fiducials, or press their fingers on the screen, and listen to what it does. The pure wonderment in having something so physical be represented both visually on the screen and audibly through headphones or speakers is just a very amazing and rewarding thing, and a huge part of what this whole thing is about. It’s something kids (not surprisingly) seem to realize pretty quickly.

(photo to the left courtesy of Jen Sorenson, photo above courtesy of Arlen)

~ by Jordan Hochenbaum on April 18, 2008.

One Response to “First Kids To Make Music With Brick…”

  1. This is wonderful, have you got any video of the kids playing? Or actually any video of brick in action at all?

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