BricK+MahaDeviBot+ESitar = New Video!

We just got back from Stanford and man was it a great time! Everyone was extremely nice and intelligent and very inspiring. It was also great because we had a lot of time to demonstrate how we are interfacing BricKTable with the MahaDeviBot– Dr. Ajay Kapur’s Indian folk drum and percussion playing robot.

Check out the video above to get a glimpse of how we are merging the two technologies as well as see some other clips of table from other events. There is also great footage of the ESitar mixed in, Dr. Kapur’s own interface design for the MahaDeviBot in which he uses a custom made sitar with all the sensors you could ever dream of to simultaneously play the sitar (melody) and the accompaniment (the robot/drums).

~ by Jordan Hochenbaum on May 3, 2008.

One Response to “BricK+MahaDeviBot+ESitar = New Video!”

  1. This is wondrous! Gonna try and locate Dr. Kapur now…the idea of a robot/sitar or sitar/robot or whatever it is is just to much to pass ^_^ – rock on…


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