New Table + Roots & Minitek + Arduinome

Many of you might be wondering… why haven’t we posted in a little while? Perhaps no excuse is good enough, but we DO have lots of exciting news for you. Yes, we know, we’ve been holding off for too long, but we hope you will forgive us because there are lots of exciting things going on.

New Brick Table

Brick Table, the actual physical table has come a long way since we first made it. It has gone from velcro support and resting the projector on a Digikey ordering catalog to a fully welded support system, with a custom projector and camera positioning system. Setting it up went from over an hour to a matter of minutes. But even with all its improvements, we realized that perhaps we weren’t using the actual surface of the table to its maximum potential. It had a relatively large footprint, and we feel that we can better use its real estate. Instead of tearing it apart and trying to make it work for a new set up, we are building a NEW Brick Table! The new Brick will have a much larger usable surface, which means better application support, more functionality, and the ability to support more people at a time. Thats good for us and YOU! We are just about wrapping up design and materials and will (hopefully) be building the new table this week. More on that soon.

Roots & Minitek Festival

Roots is the latest application/installation being developed for BricK. It is going to debut at the Minitek

Electronic Music + Innovation festival taking place in New York, September 12-14. We have been collaborating with the amazingly talented interactive designer/developer Memo Akten. If you aren’t familiar with his work, I highly recommend clicking his name and browsing his website. We are extremely lucky and honored to be working with him on this project, and soon, you will see why. For now, heres a simple photo-teaser.

In short, Roots is a collaborative inviting audio-visual experience where users use their fingers to create branching vines that trigger sounds. Using multi-touch finger interaction and fiducials (tangible objects), the user(s) are able to make music either completely generatively, semi-random by setting up generative systems/rules for the environment, or completely trigger-based following finger movement. For more information see “What is Roots?”

If you are in New York, or want to give yourself a vacation, come check out Roots for yourself!

Arduinome (Formly the Arduino Monome Project)

If you stumbled upon the Arduinome project coming to check out Brick, or stumbled upon Brick because you are following the Arduinome project, you will know that Owen and I are always multitasking, and working on multiple projects. So whichever way you found yourself here on our website, the Arduinome project is one of the other main projects Owen and I have been part of recently.

The goal was to create a “clone” of the amazingly inspiring Monome USB interface using the Arduino micro-controller. Or as we call it, the Arduinome! It is a collaborative project, and completely open source. We posted the first working firmware we got working along with photos, parts list…etc so others could also take part in the project. Being completely open source, we have been able to work with many great people who have contributed to make the firmware and Arduinome’s much better, and more stable. If you are interested in this project, please see the dedicated sections in our sidebar, and watch out soon for the official released of the newest firmware and also its host application, ArduinomeSerial.

~ by Jordan Hochenbaum on August 6, 2008.

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