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  1. Website up! Code is available for download… check back soon for more information…tutorials…etc


  2. Nice to meet you and the website 🙂

    My way:
    rgb led monome clone 8×8
    – arduino
    – 3 max7221 (led driver ; one for each color)
    – 64 rgb common-cathode leds
    – sparkfun PCBs
    – sparkfun buttons pads

    The led driving part will work soon.
    I’m testing this kind of code:
    The part to build is the part to translate serial message coming from monomeserial to a code unerstandable by arduino.

    I would like to use exactly the same firmware
    I know it should involve:
    – pins port change in the code
    – rgb management instead of monochromatic led
    – software debouncing of buttons
    – monomeserial use with Max/Msp

  3. I can work on the code for RGB Leds.
    Indeed, I’v already something that works… (a little bug on my breadboard, but it should work for 3 color with an ISR special timer for driving all the leds..)

    I just hope your code works with monomeserial… OSC could be so easy in max/msp…

  4. I posted a reply to you on the monome user community forums, but I’ll do it here as well. Firstly, YES! Our code works with Monomeserial, as long as you flash your EEPROM so that it is recognized as a monome 40h. Someone posted instructions on the monome forums i believe a while back, but we will shortly post the information again. Feel free to ask any other questions, and keep us posted on your progress. Our code highly resembles and was lifted from the original monome firmware, with changes made where necessary to work for the arduino and our setup, and so doing this yourself shouldn’t be too bad! Just added some extra multiplexing…etc i believe for the tri-color LEDs. Stay tuned as we get our stuff together and get more information posted here. Thanks for your patience.

  5. ok for the answer
    I’m at work and cannot test the code for the moment.
    in … around 5hours, I could 🙂

    I’d like the way you drive the led. I’d prefer this way instead of the LedControl library.
    I’ll keep you informed, as you seem to be interested!
    I’ll have all my 64 leds soldered VERY soon!

  6. exciting! We’ll keep our eyes open…

  7. Hello! Nice work! I left a comment on the monome site about how I think you can do the stray byte checking using the Serial.available() method and some counting…

  8. Thanks a lot Ben, I just saw that! I will talk to Owen today and work on implementing it. Thanks a lot.

    *ALSO, I tracked down Melka’s instructions on the arduino bored for flashing the Arduino FTDI Chip Id so the arduino can be recognized by monomeserial. This will be put up asap!

  9. hey, hope it works.

    I’m in the queue for a monome kit; once it comes and I’ve built it, I’ll certainly try out hooking up the keypad logic to my Arduino and use your very useful code.

  10. Should work Ben! Owen, who I’ve been lucky enough to work with on this project and BricKTable is using the monome pads and pad pcb with the arduino, and the only differences besides the pads being smaller was his had some surface mount components and had less wires going across!

  11. Not monome/Arduino related, but I think that “brick” is great, and in particular the Weather Report app. I was thinking recently of writing an application to make MIDI controller messages from terrain profiles (i.e. get a DEM or somesuch into a browser, draw lines, get the terrain under the line, turn it into a MIDI message), so it’s kind of related to what Weather Report’s doing. It wouldn’t have the super-neat touchtable interface, though.

  12. Thanks a lot Ben! Owen and I have put a lot of time into Brick and developing its apps and new ways to use touch-table interfaces so it means a lot! Weather Report really turned out nicely and we might be bringing it, or something similar to a festival in New York this september.

    Your application idea sounds superb, and similar to some thing Owen and I were playing around with prior to doing Weather Report. If you do go through with it, please keep us informed. Maybe there can be some way we could even make it touch table friendly? Just a thought…

    Well, its off to coffee to meet Owen, and go over monome-clone plans, and brick plans…

  13. Hi Jordan,

    I’ll certainly let you know how far I get with it, and making it touch-table friendly would be a real treat. I’d be interested in knowing a little more about what that would require on the part of my program – i.e. what kind of inputs and outputs it would need to be able to handle (I’m guessing it’s some OSC protocol). If you’ve time and/or interest, please feel free to drop me a line (I’m assuming you’ve got access to my address from this little form doodad I fill in to submit the comment).

  14. *****CODE UPDATED 6/26/08*****

  15. Is there a way to get in touch with unsped? I plan to build a monome/arduino clone and I am interested in using the Monome shield he design and you guys use, Thanks!

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  22. Dude the arduinome is amazing! ill try to build it up, do you know if somebody is making the needed shield for selling, i live in the third world and its so hard for me get the chips, i would prefer to buy a pre-assembled shield whit the correct chips on it…or where can i found the instructions to get or build one?

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  26. Hi, Im from Argentina and was looking for Monome when i found you.

    First i got to say thanks for what you are doing, i guess it help many people who want to feel and make music, etc.

    Second thing, i want to ask… Whit almost 0% knowledge of electronics, can i build an Arduinome? What kind of thing i might get on my country and what i need to buy from sparkfun etc.

    I hope you have some free time to answer this noobs questions.

    Sorry For My Bad English.


  27. JH,

    I just finished my arduinome and wanted to give a big thanks for efforts both creative and informative! Your documentation was critical.



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  30. Thanks your message has very much helped me:)

  31. hey jordan!
    my electronic knowledge is as bad as my english 🙂 sorry for that.
    in the last few days i try to read as much is i can about the diy arduinome. it’s a bit confusing, because there are a hunderts of ways to build the arduinome. on the site i read that i have to order the aurduionem pcb directly at the
    in your partlist there are only products that i can buy in a normaly electronic shop…correct me if i’m wrong.
    so i have to order the machinecollective encloser, the parts from sparkfun and the rest i can order at a local electronic store.

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  33. does the rgb chroma have any functionality or is it just for looks… ( can the color state of pad represent different parameter,etc )

  34. HELP!
    So iv got my arduinome all built and iv flashed the arduino and it’s being recognized in arduinome serial. However, I have yet to see any LED’s actually light up, its not being recognized in monome serial and monome base is not working with arduinome serial. Iv tested all of the connections ect and it all seems to be in order. Any ideas??

  35. Hi,
    I’ve changed the serial on the arduino board, uploaded the firmware to it, but I cannot find the ArduinomeSerial anywhere for download. It does not come with the package I downloaded from SourceForge, as far as I can tell. If anyone could explain this to me, I would appreciate.

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  40. hey there, if anyone can build a monome clone of some sort for mw, please mail me prices and all @ br3volver(NOSPAM!)

  41. I’ve just published a ‘similar but different’ project here:
    The key difference is probably that the TLC5940’s are multiplexed across the rows, and there’s one (or one half on an 8×8 setup) per colour allowing individual reference resistance to be set.
    Sorry there are no schematics or code yet, more technical details will be coming soon.

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  46. […] the build of several bits of DIY midi gear. My goal is to end up with a fully functional Arduinome (Monome clone) and a Midibox control surface for Native Instruments Traktor, Ableton Live, and […]

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