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8 Responses to “Download Code”

  1. I’m having difficulty getting rid of a problem where unpressed buttons act as though they’re pressed (seems to be the same problem that julien is having). I think it’s probably due to a difference in how the ICs are wired up between your project and mine. More details of this problem, and a table showing how my ICs are wired up here:

  2. (figured out the correct wiring to solve the above problem, schematic here: )

  3. Will the ArduinomeSerial be os x compatible? or do you need help with that?

  4. ehh, just browsed the sourceforge project, sorry to ask such an obvious question

  5. Hi. I’ve uploaed the new 3.1 software to my arduino chip and run arduinomeserial, but I can’t get it to work. However, my setup works fine with the old code and monomeserial… Any thoughts? I using an Intel Mac. Thanks!

  6. Hey John, did you reflash your FTDI serial to the new a40h-xxx (IE a40h-001) protocol instead of the m40h-xxx serial?

  7. oh crap. i still have m40x-xxx. thanks so much for getting back to me i tried this quickly before work but obviously my brain wasn’t working. Thanks very much for the code and the serial prg. awesome work. I have a monome also running with a 8×8 tiny led matrix right now- it’s cute haha.

  8. Hi, I can use Wiring Board?

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