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  1. Would it be possible to publish a schematic of the circuit you’re using? (perhaps do an image export from the eagle file?)

  2. I think i have it working now, so i made a schematic of my breadboard here:

  3. Are you planing to post the pcb of the shield?

  4. I’d very much like the schematics of the PCB too.

  5. Unfortunately we didn’t make the shield ourselves. We are using the shield designed by unsped. Others have put together group orders to get the shield made by, where we had them made as well. The reason for this is because, we are trying to stay true to the specific wishes of both Monome and Unsped on circuit board manufacturing and other environmental concerns. Those who have organized group buys through 4pcb have done so by getting enough people together, and then calling 4pcb and having them reference Owen’s original order. There are a few thread on the Monome forums where you should take a look if you are interested.

  6. Ok

    What about the .1uf ceramic capacitor and the 10uf Electrolitic do you have any links the specs?
    There are quite a few variables:;keywords=0.1uf%20ceramic%20capacitor;keywords=10uf%20Electrolytic%20capacitor

  7. […] pretty much followed the instructions of basementleds, bricktable, monome-forum, and julien bayles site. I did, however add one thing. The idea of using conn headers […]

  8. so we just call 4pcb and tell them unsped sent us lol.

  9. you can have 4pcb reprint an existing order number, and i think thats a really good idea as it prevents it from being printed at other nefarious places. use their order though, i made a pull up/down change from the one i ordered to the current version.

  10. What type of LEDs did you guys get? What specs? Any good place to get them?

  11. here is the link to the shield files

    thx unsped!

  12. #4pcb_Owen

  13. Digikey does not have the ED90053-ND in stock currently. However there is a RoHS non-compliant version in stock.

    digikey # ED3124-ND

    Both are IC SOCKET 24PIN MS TIN/TIN .300

  14. I’ve decided on getting some blue 3.2v 20mA test 470mcd 468nm leds
    digikey # 511-1611-ND

    You don’t mention the diodes on your hardware list. What type should I be getting, or how do I figure this out?


  15. They should be Signal Diodes, 1N4148 are good ones. very easy to find.

    I have a question, is it possible to have a 4×12 button setup (ie 3 sparkfun pads) working with this software and firmware? Thanks.

  16. Hey all, I’m totally lost as to which resistor I should be getting, any chance someone can explain that bit a little more. I too chose the same LED’s as utoks did above.

    Also the shopping list doesn’t include diodes, yet the documentation for assembly does, what are the diodes I need to be picking up.

    Many thanks for any help.

  17. OK, just added 64 to my shopping list based on info over at

    Still at a lose as to what resistor I need to be getting from the list above?

  18. If any of you are having trouble with the resistor– the key is on that arduino website. Specifically the section called “Selecting a value for RSet”

    Linked here:

  19. By chance do you have a part number for your ribbon cable connectors/cable?

    Excellent work, thanks for sharing!

  20. I would also love the part number for the ribBon cable!

  21. We actually made them ourselves. We went to all electronics in Van Nuys california and purchased the ribbon and connectors there.

    Whats important is that it is 16 conductor (at least 16 individual cables so to speak) and that you get 16 pin female connectors for the end. We purchased a reel of ribbon that was over 16 conductor, i think 20 because thats what they had in the store, and we just pulled off the extra four.

    Ribbon cable connector part number @ CAT# RCSC-16

    But you can get them anywhere…

  22. Cheers, Jordan. I might get the 20 conductor, could use the strip of 4 for the button pcb connections. Thanks again.

  23. i freeking love that place..

  24. Jordan,

    Any chance you could update the hardware list the items below. I was a little confused with these parts so I’m sure someone else in the future would be too.

    1. 64 x diodes, 1N4148. Example: digikey #1N4148FS-ND
    2. 64 x LEDs of your choice
    note: get a few extra just in case.

    1. 2 x 16 conductor ribbon cable with female sockets (may require IDC female sockets such as #digikey MSC16A-ND)


  25. Jordan,

    I have a few clarifications for the instruction page as well.

    1. ICs need to have their notches facing the capacitors or the “BOUT”, “LED”, and “BIN” writings on the board.

    2. Resistor network needs to have it’s dot at the “1” on the board. The dot represents the common. (left diagram:

    If any of this is wrong or sounds weird, please change it.


  26. where can I get that unsped PCB ? I cant see it on the parts list also ? And anyone have more detailed schemas of how to assembly this ? Thank you for your efforts.

  27. To get the shield designed bbvyb unsped order it through and ask for order #4pcb_Owen

    It is cheaper to purchase the shield in quantities of 5+, so many people have been organizing “group buys” on the monome forums (

    I recommend going there and either joining or starting a group purchase to lower the cost.

  28. quick question about the leds…

    will any 3mm led work? will rgb led’s work? i know that the sparkfun boards support them, but does the arduinome software support the tri color leds? thanks!

  29. if i want to make a 2 fifty six arduinome. can i just multiply the numbers?

    i really want to make a 2 fifty 6 arduinome but i dont know if the shield can take so many ins and outs. and i am not able to design pcb myself as of yet.

    hope to hear back from you guys.
    sorry bad english- from denmark

  30. First I would like to thank you for taking your time to give us all this really amazing info.

    I do have a question though; what is a “shield?” You talk about it constantly and even mention it in the instructions on how to build one (can’t comment there or I would) but again you just kind of gloss over the magical “shield.” From what I can garner it’s a PCB but I don’t know why I need it if I already have the keypad PCB’s from SparkFun.

    Sorry for my ignorance about such things and thank you again for all your wonderful work!

    • a shield basically extends the capabilities of the arduino… they typically plug in or sit on top of the arduino’s pins, and directly connect it to other circuits… the arduinomeshield by unsped makes putting together an arduinome much easier and is definitely the way to go if you want to build this thing… id say its as necessary in my own opinion as the button pads themselves.

  31. ARRGH!!! the COM-07835 Button Pad 4×4 are on 4 weeks backorder. shame.. i wanted to get into this sooner. i ordered them anyway before i changed my mind. so in four weeks i’ll begin. since there is a shortage of blogs about these clones i’ll do my own 🙂

  32. Thanks for the reply Jordan. After much more reading I figured out the “shield” is the LED driver; it’s what makes the LEDS turn on and off.

    So yeah, that seems pretty important. 😉

  33. […] marks the first step in my project: ordering the parts. I followed this guide to buy all the parts needed for it, and bought a few extra diodes and LEDs. For those of you […]

  34. hi there, i am in progress of planning and thinking.

    2 questions that i also have are open:
    – is it possible to use rgb leds, ie can the software handle these / are there enough connectors
    – is it possible to build a 256 ardiuome?
    and…. any germans here ?! 🙂

  35. […] d’abord, il faut se procurer les pièces. Je vous conseille de suivre cette liste : Elle est complète et nécessite très peu de réajustement. J’ai commandé chez Digikey aux […]

  36. […] des diodes en fonction des leds utilisées. J’ai tout simplement suivi les instructions de […]

  37. Hi! Respect for a very nice project here.

    I’m planning on building this but with 16×16 layout. Have I understood correctly that I’d need 4 pieces of the arduinome-shield, or should I just etch a new pcb for it?

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  39. […] Bricktable Nomeist Curious Inventor (also a nice build log) […]

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