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  1. I’m interested to see this fleshed out. I’m documenting my efforts to building a monochrome, sparkfun+arduino monome over here:

  2. Nice site! I think once we have everything up here you should be helped out immensely. You actually seem pretty close– do you have all four boards soldered correctly?

  3. Nice !
    i’m really looking forward for the hardware building instructions.

    thanks !

  4. “do you have all four boards soldered correctly?”

    I have all the diodes and LEDs soldered up (but i just noticed that one of the LEDs is dead 😦 ). But i haven’t yet connected the boards together electrically, i’m still thinking about the best way to do that. I guess you’ve soldered multiple wires to single male header pins right to make the jumpers right?, how did that work out?

  5. Bitbutter, you are correct in your assumptions… It worked out, alright, but I’m not sure if its the best way. You could try to fish one wire through the hole in the board, and then the other wire to that wire– might workout better. Nonetheless, doing it the way we did it wasn’t that bad, it just for whatever reason didn’t come out as elegant as I would have liked– but thats probably because I de-soldered and redid that part 4+ times because of wrong wiring 🙂

  6. UPDATE*** Instructions on flashing the Arduino to be recognized by Monomeserial are now up! Thanks melka!

  7. Just my 2 cents, but it seemed to me the best way to solder the sparkfun wires was to cut two lengths and twist 2 of the ends together. You can tin this end, and then insert it into the whole and solder in place. This method eliminates the need for the headers on the solder points.

  8. Owen always making things sound easy…


  9. @owen: “Just my 2 cents, but it seemed to me the best way to solder the sparkfun wires was to cut two lengths and twist 2 of the ends together.”

    Excellent idea, thanks very much!

  10. Any chance of a schematic soon? I’ve _nearly_ got my breadboard monome working with the latest code you posted. I just have two (related?) issues with the button presses:

    Button presses are inverted (all buttons are on except the one i’m pressing)

    The button presses detected in monometest are rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise relative to the LED grid (the LEDs are lighting in the expected positions).

    I’ve tried a bunch of modifications to my breadboard today but the solution is eluding me. Cheers!

  11. Does the photo @ Help you out?

    As you can see, as far as cross board connections go, if looking at the backside of the sparkfun boards, RIGHT TO LEFT, Led-Gnd 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 go to pins 1-8… likewise reading in the same direction across the top, SWT-GND 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 go to 9 – 16.

    Reading down the left side (when facing the backside again) BLUE 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 are pins 1 – 8 and SWITCH,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 are 9 – 16.

    We are using that attached breakoff pcb and (2)ribbon cables to go from these points to our shield, but you can wire it direct as well. Is this where you are having issues getting the wiring correct?


  12. Thanks Jordan that was indeed the key to the problem with the wrongly oriented buttons. Now it’s just the ‘button on’ problem that’s the sticking point.

  13. Hey guys, I’m super stoked that I found this blog, and that you are doing this project. This is exactly what I want to do this summer and I had a feeling I would be in way over my head without a little guidance.

    I hope you still plan on posting the rest of the instructions.

    Thanks, JP

  14. @bitbutter — Owen posted the correct wiring configuration on the Monome thread and Julian (who was having the same issues as you) confirmed, there were some wiring differences, and it now WORKS. I’ll update the website with the written configuration.

    @JP — As far as instructions go, perhaps we’ll do a full step by step… but mostly, its source the parts, solder everything, and upload our software.. thats pretty much it! 😉

  15. is currently sold out of the 4×4 led buttons… does anyone know of a different source?

  16. You could get on the waiting list to use the actual monome button boards. They are a bit smaller but have a great feel and are made extremely well. While developing, Owen was using the monome boards / button pads and I was using the Sparkfun buttons…

  17. has the 4×4 buttons back in stock!!! But don’t get too excited, there were five left, and I bought four of the remaining five.

    I’d still REALLY LOVE to see something in that ‘hardware instructions’ section. 😉

  18. Also, which LED lights did you use? I’m having a hard time decided between basics and superbrights.

  19. code worked great. mine is on a atmega168 with a ft232rl breakout board right now and a 8×8 led matrix from sparkfun. it’s fun having a tiny monome haha.

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