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  1. Very interesting. It looks like you have the same ‘snap-off’ strip for attaching headers to the button pad boards as unsped used for the Vanome project. That looks like s smart solution. Will you be making the eagle file for this pcb available?

    Will you also be talking about making an enclosure, or limiting your documentation to the functional parts of a monome clone?

    Watching with interest 🙂

  2. One more thing, perhaps you could consider posting your photos as high resolution images on flickr, so that we can study them more closely (this can be useful for figuring out how certain joints are soldered etc).

  3. Indeed the ‘snap-off’ strip for attaching headers to the button pad boards is there, and were made on the same PCB as our shields. We then cut them and glued them (temporarily) to the side of the button breakout pcb. I’ll talk to Owen about getting the eagle file as someone he had been corresponding to gave him that elegant design (I know who its just 515am, I woke up, and I can’t remember!!)

    The most confusing part about building the thing is connecting all 4×4 buttons pad PCB together, and then to the snap off strip headers to use the cable to go to the shield/arduino.

    Hi-Res (non iPhone taken) and pictures with drawings are in the works. 😉

  4. Uploaded a photo I mocked up the other day showing how to make all the connections interconnecting the 4×4 button pcb’s and how they connect to the “snap-off” strip.

    Look closely and just pay attention to color & number labels (1-8, 9-16…etc) and it should make sense… but confusing word directions will follow shortly. Back to sleep for me!

  5. Thanks, that’s useful. I thought about using a velo board to house the components, but I think that getting a PCB arduino shield made, with the ‘snap off’ header strip is the best/simplest way to go. It’d be great if you could publish the eagle file when you track it down.

  6. velo=vero 🙂

  7. Will do… for now I am about to upload Melka’s instructions on flashing the Arduino FTDI Chip Id so it can be recognized by Monomeserial.

  8. Hi, is it possible to use the monome keypad kit with this code?

  9. Yes there shouldn’t really be any difference using the Monome button pad PCB and buttons with this code– in fact this code was developed and tested with both the sparkfun pads (which I took photos of here) and also the Monome buttons which Owen has. We will upload photos of his as soon as we can.

  10. Great project, guys! I’m drawn to the Arduino path for building my monome due to the ease of flashing new firmware w/ the included bootloader vs. the monome logic kit.

    I’d be great if we could arrange some kind of group purchase for the shield PCB (if / when you make the Eagle files available)- anyone interested in that?


  11. Thats a great idea two_masks… I’ll talk to Owen and see if we can get those Eagle files up— he was the one who did all the ordering. We actually did it as a group buy with 12 other students @ CalArts. Some of them should hopefully have built clones now or are pretty close… Owen organized all the ordering, we both helped people solder for the first time..etc, and we took on the coding duties…

  12. Great Jordan, thanks for that! I’ve also posted to the monome forum topic- I’ll take further discussion of the idea there:

  13. very intresting

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