What is “Brick”?

We have long since moved to www.flipmu.com


7 Responses to “What is “Brick”?”

  1. Hochenbaum is a total genius. And really good looking.

  2. Gentlemen…very impressive.

  3. […] este otro es un experimento con una pantalla táctil para Brick Table, para “sonificar” mediante el toque en una pantalla visuales hechos por esta plataforma […]

  4. how do i build one?!

  5. […] 6, 2009 by ErikC love this sort of stuff — multi-touch music creation and collaboration […]

  6. […] Referat von Andre und Uli: brick table […]

  7. […] Kühlewein, Andre & Löser, Uli – Brick Table Lasocka, Paula & Sorgenlos, Tina – Birds, Robert […]

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